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Some poems...

These are some of my poems...ermmm it is really nerve-wracking to post them here.....but I guess I'll be strong and do it anywayzz.....

A sunrise; Size=300 pixels wide

 Celebration Of Our Differences

By Jessica Sacher


What would the world be like?

If there was no such thing as color.

What would a rainbow be like?

If it were all one color, without a change.

Nothing would ever be as beautiful

If everything was the same.


If people could accept each others differences

And not fight the fact that we are all unique

Our world would have something it never had before;

A chance to see beyond the color of our skin,

And a chance to celebrate our differences.




By Jessica Sacher
You don't know what its like to be friendless
The long empty days seem endless
No one calls me on the phone
I feel so alone
Im as happy as a twig or a stone.
With no shoulder to lean on
I'm always cold
Already my young heart
Feels shriveled and old.
I long to be included,
I just want a friend
Someone who'll be there
Forever, 'till the end


 By Jessica Sacher


There's a light in our hearts

A light in our eyes

There's a light in our memories

That stifles our cries


It's shimmering like the moonlight

It's shining like the sun

It's glittering like the stars

Beaming down on everyone


It's brilliance lingers on

Through thick and through thin

Through day and through night

Bringing out the truth within


Will our lives be revealed

Or will they hide, still concealed?

If we stop wondering we'll never unfold

Our dreams,

Our fate,

Will remain untold